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The Laird Leatherman Competition has been running in its current format since 2008, when The Laird and Mannhaus collaborated to bring back a once much-loved style of competition, aimed at bringing Melbourne’s men of leather and fetish together not just for one night, but all year round. That first competition in 2008 was massive and saw 12 guys competing over 2 heats and a final, with Mal Guest crowned the inaugural Laird Leatherman. Since then the competition has gone from strength to strength, with the format of 3 rounds, being ‘Formal Wear’, ‘Jock Strap’ and the always popular ‘Fantasy’ round.

In the lead up to the 2012 competition, Laird Leather Man 2011 Luke Moon drew on his experiences at IML in Chicago 2011 and initiated the newest addition to the competition. Luke’s idea was to have all contestants pre-judged at the Contestant Info Session which is held a week before the competition. The four judges subjected the contestants to a series of questions with all scores contributing to their overall score on comp night. It proved to be a great idea and is now a part of the ongoing competition format.

Laird Leatherman 2013

Local leather legend Laurie Lane(too many ‘L’s?) was an integral part of the competition from 2008 to 2012 as event co-producer, host and tally master. We’d like to thank Laurie for all he gave to the Laird Leatherman legacy.

Up to 2012, the Laird Leatherman competition had seen five proud leather men represent Mannhaus, The Laird and Melbourne locally, nationally and worldwide raising over $20,000 for their chosen charities. But being a Laird Leatherman doesn’t stop at the end of your reigning year, so in 2013 we decided to get all five winners together for a night of twisted fun and competition, showcasing the legacy that is Laird Leatherman. ‘5x5’ was one hell of a fun night, you can see pics of the night in our LLM Gallery.

Laird Leatherman 2013

Each title holder is expected to be a representative of the Laird Hotel and Mannhaus within local and international leather communities, and will do so with pride and professionalism at all times.


laird leatherman   


  laird leatherman 2018 kevan walsh


Laird Leatherman Competition will return in August 2020 as part of AWOL


a week of leather




craig burnett Laird Leatherman 2021 2021

Craig Burnett


jay fox Laird Leatherman 2019 2019

Jay Fox


kevan walsh Laird Leatherman 2018 2018

Kevan Walsh


james addinsall  Laird Leatherman 2017 2017

James Addinsall


Brad Redmond  : Laird Leatherman 2016 2016

Brad Redmond


Stephen Morgan : Laird Leatherman 2015 2015

Stephen Morgan


Tim Grant : Laird Leatherman 2014 2014

Tim Grant


Ben Riethmuller : Laird Leatherman 2012 2012

Ben Riethmuller


Luke Moon : Laird Leatherman 2011 2011

Luke Moon

Neil Smith : Laird Leatherman 2010 2010

Neil Smith


Peter Fitzgerald : Laird Leatherman 2009 2009

Peter Fitzgerald


Malcolm Guest : Laird Leatherman 2008 2008

Malcolm Guest