Laird Hotel Melbourne, Australia
laird leatherman 2019 jay fox


As a person with social anxiety problems, the Laird has been a place where I’ve been comfortable enough to come out of my shell, meet new people and have a good time with like-minded people from the leather, rubber, pup and bear crowds. Through the Laird I’ve made some amazing friends, as well as met my pack mate Dylan Lewis (Mr Australian BootBlack 2017) and entered into a poly relationship with my Sir/Partner NJ and my metamour Colt.  


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At first I was a little apprehensive about running for Laird Leatherman, but in the end with the support of my partner and friends, I decided to step out of my comfort zone, don my leathers and put on the most entertaining show I could. I’m proud to carry on the tradition and legacy of the Laird Leathermen before me. It wouldn’t be possible without the great work of our sponsors The Laird, Mannhaus, Down An’ Dirty, Oxballs, Deanation and Smirnoff. Thank you to the other contestants Dean, Aaron, Ho and David who I had such a great time with and thank you to our judges Mark, Luke, Richard and especially Kevan who was there for all five of us every step of the way.


I hope to return the support and encouragement the community has given me as my leather journey continues, let’s welcome those who feel they could be a part of our wonderful lifestyle and have some fun along the way as I represent Mannhaus and The Laird as your Laird Leatherman 2019.

Jay Fox, Laird Leatherman 2019


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