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The Laird has been my home bar since I came out some 16 years ago; that I could grow into my leather and kink in the bar I loved was a bonus. Of course I’d long known of the Laird Leather Man contest, I’d seen previous title holders around the bar and wider community and both watched and participated in the fundraising work they’d done.

Roll forward to 2018 and my decision to throw my hat into the LLM ring; the lead up to the contest coincided with a planned trip to the USA for work and a side trip to San Francisco and Dore Alley. I arrived home the Saturday before the contest and leapt straight into AWOL events commencing with Girl Ang’s welcome home from her successful IMsL campaign. The rest of that week is pretty much a blur of AWOL activities and LLM preparations. Meeting and getting to know my fellow contestant Justin Smith was a great pleasure and a stand out of the week; Justin’s friendliness, communication and composure made the journey we both took so much easier. I look forward to engaging with him over the year to positively influence the community we both love and know that he will make an awesome LLM when he chooses to run again.

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Melbourne has an awesome leather history and tradition, in the past motor cycle clubs and bars provided opportunities for leather men to meet and socialise, the Laird continues this tradition, a safe space for our community; I’m proud and humble to be LLM10 knowing that my predecessors have left behind them an amazing legacy; I look forward to putting my own stamp on the title this coming year.

An event as big as this has many sponsors; The Laird, Mannhaus, Down An’ Dirty, Hide & Seek, Joy 94.9, Deanation, Barberfella and more; thank you to each and every sponsor for supporting this community event. Events need judges, thank you to Marcus, Paul, Peter and James for stepping up and taking that responsibility this year.

I’m grateful for the support and encouragement of the community on my LLM journey and welcome the opportunity to serve and support them this year as I represent the Laird and Mannhaus. I look forward to supporting my chosen charity - The Pinnacle Foundation -  and hope that you’ll join me in supporting them. Click HERE to learn more...

Kevan Walsh, Laird Leatherman 2018


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